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Did You Know?

Lyons is a village in Lyons Township, Cook County, Illinois. The population was 10,729 at the 2010 census. The Chicago Portage National Historic Site is located in Lyons.
Lyons was incorporated in 1888, though activity in the area dates back much further. In 1673 French Explorer Louis Joliet and Jesuit missionary Father Pierre Marquette left Green Bay, Wisconsin, by canoe in search of a western passage to the Pacific. As they traveled into the Spanish controlled area of Louisiana, they realized that the mighty Mississippi River drained into the already well known Gulf of Mexico. With winter approaching, they headed north as quickly as possible. To save time, the Potawatomi Indians who were with them encouraged changing their route to the Illinois River. The short cut led to the Des Plaines River and caused the French travelers to discover “Le Portage.” This half-mile wide area of land connecting the Chicago River and the Des Plaines River, over which they could carry their canoes and supplies, was to become the discovery for which they would both become famous. Later known as the Chicago Portage, this small area became the “Gateway to the West” and was used by thousands of early settlers and traders traveling both east and west. The discovery of “Le Portage” was part of the impetus that led to Chicago becoming a center for the world trade.

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We have online classes to make sure you study in your busy schedule. The 60 hour online self study broker pre-licensing course lets you learn at your own pace and complete the work on your schedule. You can trust IBA Education to provide the best education.
IBA is a leading online school for aspiring Illinois real estate agents. Thousands of people in Chicago, Lyons and other cities choose to become real estate agents and brokers by taking real estate courses.
Broker Course Package from $199. Complete your 75 Hours Pre-license courses Online with continued Instructor Assistance and support, 24-Hour Access to Courses, and superior customer service in Lyons.

You may be asking yourself these questions as you search for your education: How much are real estate classes in Lyons? How long does it take to become a real estate agent in Lyons in Illinois? How do I get my Real Estate License Online in Lyons? Can I take all my real estate classes online? We have the answers to all your questions as you explore our site

What Types of Seller or Buyer Queries Do Lyons Licensed Brokers and Realtors Handle?

Are online real estate courses legitimate?

Are online real estate courses legitimate?
Online real estate schools that meet the credentials of pre-licensing are those that have gone through an accreditation process (your state should have a list of schools that are approved). Keep in mind that online schools are accredited, but not all will work in your state.
That means you'll need to do some research by browsing through the website to see what's available in your state and familiarize yourself with any requirements you need to meet before enrolling. It's also probably a good idea to check your state's licensing requirements before signing up.

Can you sell your home ‘as is”?

You're likely asking this question because you just don't want to be bothered with fixing everything little thing in your home before you list it for sale, right? Or perhaps you're aware of some major needed repairs such as a new roof being needed or your A/C is on its last leg or any other number of things that fall along with this thinking. If I'm right, and this is what your thought process is then you must understand that your home will have to be appropriately priced knowing repairs are needed. If you're good with this, then we can stop right now and go on to the next question you've been afraid to ask a Realtor.
Yet, you can still sell your home "As Is" while fixing all the little things before selling, so any home Buyer will not nickel and dime you for a price reduction. As basically, this is what it boils down to when you don't fix what is needed to be repaired. If a Buyer's Home Inspection reveals defects, they'll want a price reduction for them having to make the repairs themselves. However, at the same time, if you reveal the defects upfront in a written property disclosure, the Buyer will know the defects are already priced into the home and it will be up to your skilled Realtor to ensure the price already accounts for the needed repairs. Make sure your Realtor is going to bat for you.

Who qualifies for a Fannie Mae loan?

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac require that all borrowers meet certain credit scores, income requirements, work history, debt to income ratios, and minimum down payments. A few of the items that a lender will look at when considering financing include:
a.Your total monthly expenses.
b.Your total gross income per month.
c.Your employment history.
d.Your credit score and payment history.
e.Your assets, including checking, savings, and retirement accounts.
Your mortgage professional might require additional information after personally reviewing your application, but some basic requirements for conforming loans include:
1.A minimum credit score of 620.
2.A total debt-to-income ratio of 45% or less.
3.A down payment of 3% or more.
4.Down payment funds should come from an allowed, documented asset source.
5.Some Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans have income limits.
6.You may need to have a certain amount of cash reserves depending on your credit score and debt-to-income ratio.

Can I see Comparative Market Analysis?

A CMA is the first step in determining a price for the house. It examines the neighborhood, showing prices at which similar properties sold. If you want to see an in-depth view into how one of these comparative market analyses is done, consult IBA's guide to everything that goes into rock-solid comparative market analysis.

How does the home inspection phase work?

Inspections are another common contingency that buyers make their purchase offers subject to. There are many different types of inspections and tests that a buyer has the right to perform. In most cases, inspections are at the expense of the buyer. They have a specified number of days to complete the inspections and also a specified number of days to either remove the inspection contingencies or request the seller address findings from the inspections.
What to expect during a home inspection
A house inspection is a routine process during which a home inspector takes a look at the house. Once you are under contract on a home, you're ready to hire a home inspector. Based on what the home inspector finds, you can decide to back out of the contract without a penalty, or you can proceed with negotiations.
1. Meeting your home inspector at the property.
It's always a good idea to meet your home inspector at the subject property. This way you can get to know them and ask them any questions. After the inspection, the home inspector can talk you through any issues that he/she uncovered while going through the house.
If you're unable to meet your home inspector, give notice in advance. Be sure that you've left a way for them to access a key to the property, or have a friend or relative on-site who would be willing to let them in.
2. Your home inspector should inspect every nook and cranny.
A good home inspector will check out every part of your house. They'll go in the attic. They'™ll go into the basement. They'll check every door and window, and even the roof. The home inspector will also run your water to check for potential plumbing issues. A home inspection will typically last two to three hours or more â'” depending on the size of the home.
3. Your home inspector will issue you a report.
After the house inspection, the inspector may briefly discuss the findings with you. If you don't catch everything, don't worry. The inspector will have taken lots of pictures and will send you a detailed report describing every issue detected in the house.
4. Share your report with your real estate agent.
Your real estate agent in Lyons will look at the report and determine if you should proceed with the contract, ask for anything to be fixed before proceeding, or request a lower purchase price in lieu of repairs.
The bottom line
Hiring a home inspector is a smart idea if you are buying a home. They can often save you from buying a house with a lot of problems. If you are moving into an apartment, inspect the property yourself for any potential problems.

Should i sell my empty house or staged?

Be creative and save your Vendor some dollars!!
If you walked through a staged home, you would know it. A staged home can be defined as a home that has been set up in a layout that appeals and attracts the eye. Often when a home is staged furniture, declarations, paintings, and general décor is brought into the home to make the home as appealing as possible and ready to be sold.
Arguably the biggest benefit to staging a home when selling is the ability to paint a picture for potential buyers. Staging is a great way to allow a buyer to envision themselves in the home. If you've walked through a model home before that was staged you likely notice the comfortable sofas, beautiful mirrors on the walls, and silk plants throughout the home. This is a great way to help make a potential buyer feel comfortable in an empty home by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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