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Did You Know?

Homewood is a village in Cook County, Illinois. The population was 19,323 at the 2010 census. It is a southern suburb of Chicago. In 2007, Forbes magazine rated Homewood as one of the three most "livable" suburbs in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.
According to the 2010 census, Homewood has a total area of 5.259 square miles (13.62 km2), of which 5.21 square miles (13.49 km2) (or 99.07%) is land and 0.049 square miles (0.13 km2) (or 0.93%) is water. It lies on the Calumet Shoreline. The ancient shoreline can be seen clearly as the sand ridge along Ridge Road. A south suburban village, Homewood is 22 miles (35 km) due south of The Loop/downtown Chicago at 800 west and 18300 south on the Chicago grid system.

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Get licensed however you learn best. If you enjoy learning at home, and are based in Homewood, we have a format that suits you best. With a completely online option, you can complete your courses in the shortest possible time. Even though our classes are all online, we also offer a webinar method so you get the best of both options: Flexibility.We also accelerated pre-license courses. These programs provides online access to the instructor with live weekly sessions and allows students to complete all 75 hours of courses completely online.

What Types of Seller or Buyer Queries Do Homewood Licensed Brokers and Realtors Handle?

Who are top 3 richest estate agents?

Real estate investing has minted its share of multimillionaires over the years as well as a handful of billionaires, including President Donald Trump. While the president might be the most well-known real estate billionaire, he doesn't even crack the top-3 list of richest real estate investors in the U.S., according to the Forbes 400 list. Here's a brief look at that elite group of billionaire real estate investors.
1. Donald Bren: Estimated net worth $15.5 billion
Donald Bren tops America's real estate rich list. He became the wealthiest person in real estate thanks to his ownership of Irvine Company. He bought a large stake in that company in 1977, which controlled 93,000 acres of land in Southern California, known as Irvine Ranch. The real estate mogul became the sole owner of Irvine in 1996. It now controls ranch lands as well as a portfolio of more than 115 million square feet of real estate, primarily in Southern California, including 550 office buildings and 125 apartment complexes. He also owns dozens of retail centers, a coastal resort, a couple of hotels, some golf courses, and several marinas.
2. Sun Hongbin: Estimated net worth $9.2 billion
Sun Hongbin is an American citizen. Unlike the others on this rich list, though, his wealth comes entirely from investments outside the U.S. He founded Sunac China Holdings, which is one of China's largest real estate developers, focusing on developing large-scale, medium- to high-end residential properties. Sunac has expanded and diversified its real estate empire by acquiring Wanda Group's hotel and tourism portfolio for $9.3 billion in 2017, which was the second-largest real estate deal in China's history.
3. Stephen Ross: Estimated net worth $7.6 billion
Stephen Ross is the founder and Chairman of The Related Companies as well as the owner of both the Miami Dolphins and Sunlife Stadium. He started out by developing affordable housing. However, he has expanded his real estate investment into other development opportunities, including leading the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project in NYC. After more than a decade of planning and construction, the first of two phases opened in 2019. It features eight structures that house residences, offices, a hotel, retail space, and a cultural center.

How many homes should I look before buying?

That's up to you! For sure, home shopping today is easier today than ever before. The ability to search for homes online and see pictures, even before setting a foot outside the comfort of your living room, has completely changed the home buying game. Convenience is at an all-time high. But, nothing beats visiting a home to see how it looks and feels' in person.

Why is income tax called direct tax?

Direct taxes are one type of taxes an individual pays that are paid straight or directly to the government, such as income tax, poll tax, land tax, and personal property tax. Such direct taxes are computed based on the ability of the taxpayer to pay, which means that the higher their capability of paying is, the higher their taxes are.
For example, in the case of income taxation, an individual who earns more pays higher taxes. It is computed as a percentage of the total income. Additionally, direct taxes are the responsibility of the individual and should be fulfilled by no one else but him.
Example of Direct Taxes
As mentioned above, one good example of direct taxes is a persons income tax. Usually, income tax is filed annually, although deductions from one's salary can be done on a monthly basis. If, for example, an individual incurs tax amounting to $30,000 a year for his annual salary of $120,000, the $30,000 is his direct tax.

How do real estate brokers get rich?

There are two main ways for real estate agents and brokers to get rich.

The first way is to build a business with value that can be sold for an attractive price.
The second way is to focus on converting commission income into wealth.

I believe it's important to do both at the same time. Commission income does not turn into wealth. Commission income is usually spent. To get rich, you must consistently and proactively turn commission income into wealth.

How you might ask?
Save and invest a portion of every commission check you receive. Think about all of your home sales over the years. How much wealth would you have today if you automatically save 10% of every commission check you received? Did you shudder at your answer? If so, now is the time to do something different. Every single home sale should make you richer.

How do I prepare my home before I sell it?

Buyers want to see a clean home with lots of potential and few repairs. Before you sell, consider giving your entire house a deep clean and hiring an inspector to look for possible problems.
Want more tips? Read our blog post on how to get your house ready to sell on

Can a real estate agent in Homewood quit?

Real estate is a transient business. A lot of people that get involved with real estate, end up quitting soon after. Most of the real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and investors I met when I first got started are no longer involved in real estate. Whether you are first getting started in real estate, or on the verge of quitting, it is important to know why so many people leave this business.

1. Wrong Expectations
The number one reason people quit real estate is that they expect to see immediate results. People expect a solid month of hard work to result in a good deal and a lot of money, and when it doesn't, they are quick to decide real estate must not be for them. The problem is, real estate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. 30 days is an incredibly short amount of time in real estate and it can take months to land your first deal.
2. Thin Skin
Real estate is tough. It is a business of mental and emotional intensity. People that are offended or pushed around easily will not be successful in real estate. You must be willing to grow a thick skin and get tough in life or agents, investors, and title companies will push you around.
3.Money Issues

Losing Money in Real Estate
Losing money is the most obvious reason people quit real estate. It is completely unacceptable to lose money on a deal. If you use a margin of safety, avoid mistakes, and only do great deals you won't lose money. In my book "Real Estate Investing Gone Bad" you can read 21 stories of what not to do in real estate.

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Illinois Real Estate Act of 2000 law requires that an individual complete 75 hours of real estate educational training in order to take the state broker's licensing examination. These 75 hours consist of a 60-hour Real Estate Broker Topics course and a 15-hour interactive training course, which can both be taken online. Both of these classes can be taken online and include an Illinois state required final examination. You can enroll in these courses by adding them to your cart from our course pages. Each of our courses include the course material, audio presentations, exercises, and practice quizzes. All of our topics courses also come with
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