New Rules Pertaining to Discipline of Licensees and Applicants

Discipline may be imposed for the following acts: 

Cheating – for cheating on continuing education courses or examinations. 225 ILCS 454 Section 20-20(a)(7) 

Compensation – if a licensee pays compensation to an unlicensed person who is not a party to a transaction in exchange for a referral. 225 ILCS 454 Section 10-15(e) 

Credit Card Payments – for submitting a credit or debit card payment using a card that is invalid, expired, or declined. 225 ILCS 454 Section 20-25 

Criminal Convictions – for failing to notify the Department of any criminal conviction that occurs during the licensure term within 30 days after the conviction. 225 ILCS 454 Section 20-20(a)(45) 

Licensee Status – if disclosure of licensee status is not indicated on any property data form accessible to the consumer. 225 ILCS 454 Section 10-30(c)(1) 

Good Moral Character – if an applicant makes a false statement of material fact on their application. The Act also enumerates aggravating or extenuating circumstances that the Department shall consider when an applicant for a license has previously had their license revoked, has a history of certain criminal convictions, or guilty pleas, or has committed any of the practices that provide grounds for discipline under the Act. 225 ILCS 454 Section 5-25 

Guaranteed Sales Plan – on licensed and unlicensed individuals offering a guaranteed sales plan which does not comply with the Act. 225 ILCS 454 Section 20-20(a)(29) 

Proof of Sponsorship – if a sponsoring broker or licensee fails to timely provide sponsorship or termination of sponsorship information to the Department. 225 ILCS 454 Section 20- 20(a)(20) 

Unlicensed Practice – for engaging in the practice of real estate brokerage without a license, with an expired license, or while the license was inactive, revoked or suspended. 225 ILCS 454 Section 20-20(a)(6)

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